【Fudasho Stop 88】Tokyo Government Office
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Memorial Stamp

【Fudasho Stop 88】Tokyo Government Office

In 2018, we installed ”Fudasho #88" at "Tokyo Tourist Information Center," located in the Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall's First Major Building. It displayed a 2018-only certified plaque, has memorial stamps and pamphlets on the 88 Japanese Anime Spots, and also offers information on many tourist spots nationwide.

※ The original Japanese the Association uses for such English terms as “Fudasho Stops,” “memorial stamps,” and “Anime spots” are “fusasho,” “goshuin,” and “seichi,” respectively. Though these Japanese terms originally had some religious implications, here they are used solely to create the sense of meaningful tourism and thus to promote animation-related tourism in Japan. The terms, therefore, carry no religious implications. 



Certified plaque and memorial stamp


Nearby Anime Spot

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