Ito City, Shizuoka Pref.


Introverted young girl Ooki Futaba moves from Tokyo to Izu, and at school is seated in front of Kohinata Hikari ("Pikari"). Hikari nicknames Futaba "Teko", and half-drags her to join the school diving club. While reluctant at first, "Teko" discovers the joy of diving, which leads her to open up to other as well. Together with team advisor Katori Mato and other senior teammates, the club sets a goal of diving in the seas of Izu. This is a teen school drama about the friendship between "Pikari" and "Teko", with a theme of diving in the Izu seas.

©2016 Kozue Amano / MAG Garden・Yumegaoka High Diving Club

Sightseeing Spot in This Area

On the eastern side of Shizuoka Prefecture is the city of Ito, surrounded by the sea and mountains, and with plenty of diving spots such as the Jogasaki Coast (as pictured) with its majestic steep cliffs and the Izu Marine Park Diving Center. In the summer, the area is a popular vacationing spot where many people come swim in the sea, do watersports, or go sea fishing. There are many flowers in bloom along the Jogasaki Coast promenade, with hydrangeas in June, chrysanthemums and leopard plants in late-October, and more throughout the seasons. In addition, in the inland regions are popular sightseeing locations such as Mount Omuro, Lake Ippeki, and Mount Komuro. Don't forget to try out local cuisines "chinchinage" fried fish cake, and "magochazuke" tea-steeped rice.


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