true tears
Nanto City, Toyama Pref.

true tears

This title is a coming-of-age story about high schooler Shinichirou and his relationships with three girls: Hiromi, who has known Shinichirou since they were small and whom Shinichirou's family took in after the death of her parents; Noe, who Shinichirou met at the back of the school; and Aiko, who is the girlfriend of Shinichirou's friend. It is a teen drama with beautiful watercolor background artwork and nuanced performances by its cast. Created by Toyama animation studio P.A.Works in their first title set in their home prefecture.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Nanto of Toyama Prefecture is renowned for the gassho-zukuri houses of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gokayama Historic Villages. Defeated in the Battles of Yashima and Dan-no-ura, the remaining members of the Taira clan started living in this rural area of Gokayama. Reminiscing about their hometown, they sing the folk song "Mugiya-bushi" with a traditional dance, which was shown in the anime. The Johana Mugiya Festival (as pictured) has attracted crowds to the city every September since its inception in 1951.


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