Suginami-ku, Tokyo


In the year 2046, daily lives revolve around accessing virtual worlds through the "Neuro Linker" device. The main protagonist, often-bullied Arita Haruyuki, meets his junior high school's student council vice-president, Kuroyukihime, and launches a mysterious program called "Brain Burst". Haruyuki becomes a player, commonly called a “Burst Linker”, in the virtual world of Accel World, and fights as a knight of Kuroyukihime in the avatar of Silver Crow.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

As one of the settings in the title, Koenji district in Tokyo's Suginami special ward is dotted with live music clubs, vintage clothing stores, and restaurants. It is famous nationwide as a popular hub for young people who are interested in subcultures. Near the train station is the "Koenji Junjo Shopping Street" (directly translated as "Koenji Innocent Shopping Street"), a collection of around 20 shops where visitors may feel a sense of kindness and warmth that harkens back to the old days. To the south of the station are historic places of worship such as Koenji Temple and Hikawa Shrine. With a stroll through alleyways and back lanes, you might come upon small shops that are rich with character. How about coming for a walk to discover your "favorite"?

Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plates & Memorial Stamp

Tokyo Polytechnic University Suginami Animation Museum
Suginami-kaikan 3F,3-29-5 Kamiogi,Suginami-ku,Tokyo

Memorial Stamp