Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall
Kami City, Kochi Pref.

Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall

A manga artist, illustrator, lyricist, editor, and designer, Yanase Takashi was very active in different types of media. With the purpose of collecting, studying, and exhibiting Yanase's work, the Kami City Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall was founded in 1996. It features the "Anpanman Museum", where you can experience the world of his significant picture book Anpanman, and the "Poem and Märchen Gallery", which displays the Poem and Märchen magazines that Yanase considered his lifework.

Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Yanase Takashi was raised in Kochi Prefecture, his parents’ hometown. Surrounded by rich nature, the city of Kami is famous for a wide array of local products, including the mouthwatering “Kari Kari White Peaches" with a crispy texture, ginkgo nuts, shiitake mushrooms, and the traditional craftwork “Tosa Uchihamono”. It is also loved by many for its breathtaking seasonal scenery: cherry blossoms in spring and hydrangeas in early summer. Other sightseeing spots include the Ryugado Cave (as pictured) with its spectacular limestone landscapes that attract many visitors. As a contribution to his hometown, Yanase designed a series of cute mascots for Kami, each representing a local characteristic.

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Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall
1224-2,Birafu,Kahokucho,Kami-shi,Kouchi Pref.

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