The Boy and the Beast
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The Boy and the Beast

One day, lonely boy Kyuta wishes to become stronger, and decides to become beast Kumatetsu's disciple. At first, they do not get along, but as they trained together, they grew together, and slowly developed a father-and-son relationship. This is a story of fathers who wish for the maturity of their children.


Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Maybe there really is a boundary between the human world and the Beast Kingdom... at the place where Seibu Department Store, Tokyu Department Store, Shibuya109, and a large variety of stores gather: the popular streets of the young people -- Shibuya. A landmark on these streets is the nationally-famous Hachiko statue (as pictured) in the plaza outside the "Hachiko Exit" of JR Shibuya Station, a well-known meeting spot often used by locals. The key image for the Shibuya version of the The Boy and the Beast promotional artwork uses a real-life depiction of the Shibuya Scramble crossing, right in front of the Hachiko statue. This area is the embodiment of Japan's bustling metropolis, and is definitely worth a visit when in Tokyo.