Jyunjyo Romantica
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Jyunjyo Romantica

A popular boys-love (BL) title centering around the relationship between regular high schooler (subsequently university student) Takahashi Misaki and super-famous novelist Usami Akihiko. In order to be accepted into university, Akihiko was invited to be Misaki’s tutor. At Akihiko's home, Misaki discovers BL works with his brother and Akihiko as characters, and in his daily life, Misaki is often ambushed by an annoying Akihiko, creating some unpleasant moments. But over time, and due to Misaki's brother moving away for work, Misaki moves in with Akihiko, and learns more about Akihiko's work and his complicated family situation, leading him to fall in love with Akihiko. Then, his feelings were discovered...

©2015 Shungiku NAKAMURA/KADOKAWA CORPORATION/Romantica Club!!

Sightseeing Spot in This Area

The inspiration for Marukawa Publishing -- where protagonist Takahashi Misaki works part-time -- is from Kadokawa Shoten (now KADOKAWA Corporation), located in the Chiyoda Ward. Moreover, super-famous novelist Usami Akihiko also publishes his hits through Marukawa Publishing.