Rudolf the Black Cat
Gifu City, Gifu Pref.

Rudolf the Black Cat

Rudolf is a black cat living with his beloved master Rie in Gifu. One day, Rudolf goes after Rie when she leaves the house for a delivery, but he unexpectedly ends up on a long-distance truck and arrives at Edogawa Ward in Tokyo. Being in an unknown place, the confused Rudolf meets Ippaiattena, the neighborhood boss cat, and starts life as a stray cat. Based on the bestselling children’s novel, this touching story of encounter and separation of cats is presented in full 3DCG animation.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Among the famous warlords in the Warring States period, Oda Nobunaga is usually depicted as the main character of animes or games because of his unique personality. In the city he named -- Gifu -- his achievements such as the Gifu Castle and cormorant fishing (ukai) on the Nagara River still remain. The Kinka Bridge that crosses the Nagara River is one of the places where Rudolf searches for Rie in the movie. From this bridge, you see the symbol of the city -- Mount Kinka. At the peak of the mountain is Gifu Castle, in addition to historical spots such as the Inaba Shrine, and relaxing places such as Gifu Park and Kinka Squirrel Village. Moreover, Gifu is a city well-known for its coffee shop culture, and you can enjoy a luxurious breakfast at its cafés.