Private Guided Tour
Anime Tourism: Where Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Began!
Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref.

Time required5h
FareJPY 23,000 / group

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Fujisawa, a normal residential area, suddenly turns into a special place because this is where the characters lived in the anime. Let’s go and check out where your favorite characters lived. Enoshima is a beautiful place close to one of Japan's popular tourist sites, Kamakura. In addition to visiting the pilgrimage sites, you can enjoy eating local specialties and watching the gorgeous ocean from the observatory.



  • JR Fujisawa station: You will find many scenes just as you saw in the animation - the coin locker where Mai placed her bunny girl costume and even the unique exterior of the station!
  • Goshogatani Park: In the middle of the hill is the park where Sakuta and Tomoe kicked each other in the backsides. It’s a small, ordinary park but you will definitely enjoy taking photos because the scenery, equipment, and even the bench exactly match the animation! This park also appeared in the opening scene.
  • Enoshima Electric Railway ”Fujisawa station”: You will see the station’s unique arched roof that the characters walked through on their way to school. Sakuta and the others must have been using this station to get to school. We will be taking the train to Enoshima from this station. The interior of the train is also precisely drawn in the anime which is pretty awesome!
  • Fujisawa City Tourist Center: Let's get the tour's original, limited edition of Aobuta's tin badge! There will be one per person. Only given to those who take this Aobuta tour with otomo guides!
  • Enoshima Benten Bridge: Enoshima is called the Japan’s 'Mont Saint-Michel'. Sakuta and Tomoe cross this large bridge to get to Enoshima for their date, and Tomoko described her junior high school life to Sakuta. Enjoy the gorgeous view of the ocean from this bridge.
  • Enoshima Benzaiten Nakamise Street: On the way to Enoshima Shrine, you will find many snacks and appetizers such as the famous takoyaki rice crackers and shirasu (tiny clear fish) snacks. You can walk around and try the food then take a rest when you get tired.
  • Enoshima Shrine, Hetsunomiya: We will take you to the shrine using the same path which Sakuta took on his date. When you follow their steps, you will find many scenes you saw in the anime. Did you know the heart-shaped Ema (wooden plaques for writing one’s wishes) actually exists? Might be a good idea to write your wishes on this Ema!
  • Nakatsumiya Square Wood Deck: Finally we are here - the wood deck where Tomoe confessed her love to Sakuta. You can look over the beautiful ocean while recalling the heart beating scene.
  • Enoshima Sea Candle (Shonan Observatory Lighthouse): You have already climbed up this far so why not go up to the observatory lighthouse that you saw when you were exploring the city? The clear blue ocean you see from above is spectacular! Also, you can enjoy the beautiful flower garden at the foot of the observatory lighthouse.
  • Shichirigahama: Let’s use the Enoden railway to get to Shichirigahama Station, which is the closest station to the high school that Sakuta and the others attended. Shichirigahama has been chosen as one of the hundred most beautiful coasts in Japan. There are a lot of famous scenes that took place here. How many do you remember?・JR Fujisawa station: You will find many scenes just as you saw in the animation - the coin locker where Mai placed her bunny girl costume and even the unique exterior of the station!

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©2018 鴨志田 一/KADOKAWA
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