Private Guided Tour
Anime Tourism: Explore "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" World!
Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Pref.

Time required4.5 hours
FareJPY 20,000 / group

©2006 谷川 流・いとうのいぢ/SOS団
©2007,2008,2009 谷川 流・いとうのいぢ/SOS団
©2009 Nagaru Tanigawa・Noizi Ito/SOS団


Visit spots that are described in the anime! otomo guide will take you to spots that are difficult to get to by yourself! otomo guide will tell you the best camera angle resembles the anime! On theway, you might stop by spots recommended by locals if lucky!



・Nishikita Park (Nishinomiya north exit, Northwest ports): The meeting point where the member of SOS Brigade hook up! You might be familiar with this spot since it appeared many times in the Anime like when they strolled around the city in Episode3. We will also meet here just like Haruhi and start our tour!

・Coffee-ya Dream: The original spot of the cafe that the member of SOS Brigade used to gather. It has relocated and renovated itself so it looks slightly different from the anime, but there are still a lot of fans so you will feel the vibe!

・Shukugawa Station: You will take the train to go to the high school Haruhi attends to. The station and train are the same as the ones in the Anime!

・Around Koyoen Station: There are a lot of must-see spots in Koyoen such as the apartment of Nagato, the railroad crossing where Haruhi monologized, Kyon’s school road.

・Kitayama Botanical Garden: It didn’t appear in the Anime, but it is a worth seeing spot where you can take a look over the greenery of this area and those derived from outside Japan for free.

・Nishinomiyakita Highschool (Kita Highschool): The original high school where everyone in the Anime attends to. It almost looks the same as in the Anime!

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©2006 谷川 流・いとうのいぢ/SOS団
©2007,2008,2009 谷川 流・いとうのいぢ/SOS団
©2009 Nagaru Tanigawa・Noizi Ito/SOS団