Kyoto City, Kyoto


Irino Nagomu moves to Tokyo to pursue his dream, but when his father is hospitalized, he decides to take over his family’s confectionary shop, Ryokusho. However, a potential successor and the shop’s attractive girl assistant, Yukihira Itsuka, is working at the shop while staying with the Irino family.
Nagomu is entrusted to become Itsuka’s guardian, but as he works with her, while she has a cold attitude towards him because he once refused to take over the shop, he discovers something about her…
A heart-warming story of “human bonding thanks to Japanese sweets”, set in Kyoto.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Kyoto is world-famous as a tourist city. Its shrines and temples are renowned, but the natural landscape is also one of Kyoto’s attractions. The Kamo River Delta, depicted in the anime ‘Deai-mon’, is one such example. The delta is formed at the confluence of the Kamo and Takano Rivers, and is marked by stepping stones in the shapes of turtles and birds. The Kamo River Delta is a popular spot not only with tourists but also with locals, as the scenery along the Kamo River changes with the seasons.