Please Teacher!


Omachi City, Nagano Pref.

Please Teacher!

Since this anime’s initial broadcast in 2002, many more titles in the Please series have been produced. Kazami Mizuho, a high school teacher in Nagano Prefecture, is actually an alien. She has come to Earth to carry out surveillance missions assigned to her by the Galaxy Federation. A student named Kusanagi Kei unintentionally realized Mizuho’s true identity. In order to keep the secret, Mizuho chooses to marry Kei and starts living together with him in secret. This is a teen romantic comedy which talks about the forbidden love between the alien teacher and the human student.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

The plot of this story is set in Omachi, where Lake Kizaki is located, and it is also near the Nagano Prefecture entrance to the “Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route”, the large-scale mountain sightseeing route that stretches across Nagano and Toyama Prefectures. Along this route is the captivating Kurobe Dam (as pictured), where every year from June 26 to Oct 15 dam water is released and the site is open for viewing. Under the right conditions, a beautiful rainbow can be seen as the water spray interacts with sunlight. There are also a number of peaceful, lesser-known scenic spots in Omachi, such as the Nishina Shinmei Shrine, designated a national treasure; the Alps Azumino National Government Park (in the Matsukawa district of Omachi), known for its vast area; and the Takase Valley, one of the best viewing spots for autumn leaves. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, we also recommend the Lake Kizaki Campground, where you can go canoeing and fishing.