Summer Time Rendering


Wakayama City, Wakayama Pref.

Summer Time Rendering

Ajiro Shinpei returns to his hometown for the first time in two years after hearing the news of the death of his childhood friend, Kobune Ushio. However, his best friend, Hishigata Sou, tells him that there is something suspicious about Ushio’s death and that he may have been murdered.
The next day, Shinpei hears an ominous rumour: “Anyone who sees a ‘shadow’ that looks just like themselves will die. The shadow will kill you!”
On a small, remote summer island in the Kitan Strait, a time-travel science fiction tale of suspense begins!

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Wakayama City once prospered as the castle town of the Wakayama clan, ruled by the Kii Tokugawa, one of the three Tokugawa families along with the Mito and Owari. Wakayama Castle, situated in the city centre, has become a symbol of Wakayama as a remnant of its history. The castle was originally built by Toyotomi Hidenaga in 1585 (13th year of Tensho), on the orders of his elder brother Hideyoshi. It is currently listed as one of the 100 best castles in Japan, and in the castle tower, you can see many items associated with the Tokugawa family, and enjoy a panoramic view over the city of Wakayama.