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Niigata City of Niigata Prefecture is known for famous producers of manga comics and animes such as Mizushima Shinji, who wrote the comic Dokaben, and Yamaga Hiroyuki, the director of the anime Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise. At the Niigata Manga no Ie (The Niigata City Manga House), not only can you see life-sized figures of comedic comic characters created by Niigata master artists, you can also join an introductory course on the basics of manga comics, free of charge, and read from a collection of over 10,000 precious comic books in the Manga Room.

Address: Shinfurumachi-Cho Hangadori GEO 6 Ban-Cho, Furumachidori, 1&2/Fl., 6-971-7, Furumachidori, Chuo-ku, Niigata, Niigata Prefecture.
Tel: 025-201-8923
Opening Hours: 11:00
Closed:every Wednesday (if it is a holiday, then it will be closed on the following working day) and from Dec 29 to Jan 3
Admission Fee: Free of charge

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Since the Edo period about 200 years ago, Furumachi district in Niigata has been the biggest kitamaebune (north-south shipping route) port on the Sea of Japan coast, leading to its prosperity. Even now you can still find buildings in the city center belonging to merchants of the past, one example being the Niigata Saitou Villa, which has been designated a Japanese heritage. In this district, you can watch a traditional dance performance -- the Furumachi Geigi Dance (as pictured) -- like those from hanamachi areas like Kyoto’s Gion and Tokyo’s Shinbashi. You can also enjoy the excellent performances of one of the schools of traditional Japanese dance, the Ichiyama style: their excellent skills in singing, dancing, and playing the shamisen are honed through years of arduous practice.

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