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Mizuki Shigeru Road
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The city of Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture, is the hometown of Mizuki Shigeru, the iconic manga artist of Japan. One of the city’s tourist attractions is the Mizuki Shigeru Road, an 800-meter shopping street between Sakaiminato Station and the Mizuki Shigeru Museum. Along the street, you will find 170 bronze statues of yokai (spirit monster), including Kitaro and other main characters of Mizuki’s masterpiece GeGeGe no Kitaro. There is also the Yokai Shrine and shops selling products of the characters. The attraction is currently undergoing sequential renovation, which is due to complete in July 2018.

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In Sakaiminato, the "city of fish and Kitaro", there is still plenty of attractive destinations to visit besides the Mizuki Shigeru Road. For example, the Sea and Life Museum (as pictured) is located in a building built in the Meiji era which was once a sake brewery house. The museum is particularly rare, as it houses an extensive collection of taxidermied fishes. In Yume Minato Tower of Yume Minato Park, not only can you shop at Minatomachi Shopping Arcade on the first floor for Tottori's specialty products, you can also enjoy a 360° panorama overlooking the Sea of Japan from the observation deck.

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