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RDG Red Data Girl
ⓒ 2013 荻原規子・角川書店/「RDG」製作委員会

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ⓒ 2013 荻原規子・角川書店/「RDG」製作委員会

A fantasy novel written by popular writer Ogiwara Noriko, it became a hot topic when it was adapted for anime with the most sought-after illustrator Kishida Meru appointed as character designer. The story revolves around Suzuhara Izumiko, a timid high school girl who has the power to break any electronic device that she comes close to. Izumiko was raised in Tamakura Shrine on Mount Tamakura, but moved to Tokyo to enroll in Hojo High School together with Sagara Miyuki, whom she grew up with. Izumiko is destined to serve as the vessel for goddess Himegami, but she does not get along with Miyuki, a descendant of the Yamabushi family that is responsible for protecting Himegami. In spite of their dislike for each other, the duo gets involved in a series of mysterious incidents at school.

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Located in the southernmost tip of Nara Prefecture, Totsukawa is the largest village in Japan. Here, you can find many natural wonders that attracts many visitors from across Japan and abroad: One of the three hidden scenic sights in Japan, the World Heritage-listed Kumano Sankeimichi Kohechi Trail; the Dorokyo Gorge in the Yoshino Kumano National Park; the Sasanotaki Waterfall, one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan; and more. Connecting the Uenoji and Tanize regions is the Tanize Suspension Bridge (as pictured), a steel-cable suspension bridge built to ease the daily lives of residents. At 54 meters tall and 297 meters long, it is one of the longest bridges of its kind in the country; you will feel as if you are walking on air as you cross it. With the addition of local gensen kakenagashi direct-sourced hot springs such as the Totsukawa Hot Spring, this is a popular tourist destination for visitors of all ages.

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