Musashino City, Tokyo


With “Don-don-donuts, let's go nuts!” as their motto, five young girls -- Aoi, Ema, Shizuka, Misa and Midori -- vowed that they would produce animation together again. Through the stories of the five girls, this title illustrates the highs and lows of people involved in animation-making. While this title talks about the modern animation industry, it also discusses common problems employees face across all fields, making it recommended viewing for those who are working or about to join the workforce.


Sightseeing Spot in This Area

This anime is staged in the area near Musashi-Sakai Station, and many real shopping streets and commercial facilities, like the “Skip Shopping Street” (as pictured) do appear in the title, which is bound to get fans excited the moment they step out of the train station. Besides some large parks like the Inokashira Park, the Koganei Park, and the Musashino Central Park, there are also many historic spots worshipping the Seven Gods of Fortune such as the Kitsuki Taisha Shrine and the Enmeji Temple. The “Kazenosanpomichi” (Walking Trail of Wind), which winds along the Tama River starting from Mitaka Station, is a popular place for taking a walk and feeling the nature of Musashino.


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