Anime Tourism Association Overview

Board Members


Yoshiyuki Tomino


Kazuko Ishikawa (President, The Association of Japanese Animations)

Vice Chairperson

Shinichro Inoue (Executive Fellow, KADOKAWA Corporation)

Managing Director

Norimichi Suzuki


Masatoshi Komori (Senior Managing Director, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd.)


Jun Takeda (Managing Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, JTB Corp.)

Makoto Tanabe (Senior Vice President, Narita International Airport Corporation)


Shinichiro Shimizu (Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd.)


Shigetaka Murase (CEO/President, WILLER, Inc.)


Keisuke Murayama (Representative Director, Yamatogokoro Inc.)

Director & Chief Secretary

Yoshimasa Mori


Keiichi Uezumi (Representative, Bizadvisors Inc. Tax Accountant Office)

as of April, 2024

Mission of the Association

 We stand together with those in the anime industry,
 hoping for growth in the anime industry as well as in the regions of Japan,
 contributing to making Japan and its regions a place where people around the world would wish to visit.

Concept of the Association

Our mission is to select and formalize the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots”. Moreover, we aim to establish an expansive route connected by “Anime Pilgrimage Sites” through a nation-wide public and private partnership structure.

We wish to connect “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” (Local Regions), corporations, and content holders, allowing them to take advantage of the subject of the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” to provide goods and services and to create a welcoming environment for tourists, encouraging new economic growth.

Through a number of methods, we aim to spread information about the “Japanese Anime 88-Spots” to supporters of Cool Japan both in Japan and abroad, connecting tourists and pilgrimage sites to create new customers.

Name: Anime Tourism Association

Established: September 16, 2016

Address: 1-12-21 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071 JAPAN




Hiroshi Tabata

(Visiting professor of the Tamagawa University / Former Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency)

as of April, 2024

Inquiries and Applications for Membership

For companies and municipalities considering membership, inquiries and applications are accepted here