Iwanuma City, Miyagi Pref.


In the last summer of his junior high school life, Futaba Shotaro encounters “men’s rhythmic gymnastics” and is intensely attracted to the sport.  
Later, Shotaro enters Soshukan Private High School, and knocks on the door of the boys’ rhythmic gymnastics club. There, he meets a group of unique older boys, and the star of junior high school boys’ rhythmic gymnastics, Misato Ryoya.
The passionate days of his youth are now devoted to one thing only. This ‘fighting spirit x adolescent group drama’ depicts a team working towards a single goal as hard as they can while they spend time together with each other, despite their occasional setbacks and differences.
This spring, the real time of his youth, full of passion, will unfold…

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Highlights of “Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture”, an anime sacred spot

Iwanuma City is said to have once thrived not only as a staging post on the old highway, but also as the gateway to Takekoma Shrine, one of the three major Inari shrines in Japan, and as the castle town of the Iwanuma clan. Iwanuma is also home to Sendai Airport, which is located in the eastern part of the city, and remains a major transport hub in the Tohoku region. In addition to attractive spots such as Asahiyama Park, which has been selected as one of the 100 best natural spots in Miyagi and offers seasonal views, and Greenpia Iwanuma, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, there are many popular ramen shops throughout the city, which has attracted attention as a place where ramen shops are in fierce competition.

Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plates & Memorial Stamp

Iwanuma General Gymnasium
1-1-1,Satonomori, Iwanuma City, Miyagi Pref.