BanG Dream!


Around Waseda station of Toden Arakawa Line, Tokyo

BanG Dream!

This is an animation edition of a story distributed by an extended mix of media — comics, novels, smart phone games, live performances, and so on. A girl named Kasumi, when she was a little child, looked up at the starry sky and sensed some “vibrations from the stars.” Ever since then, she has been searching for some brilliant, exciting, “star-like” experiences. Now she is a high school student. One day, she found a star-shaped guitar at a pawn shop and sensed some “vibrations” from it. She talked to the pawnbroker’s daughter, Arisa, who kindly gave her the guitar. So, she decided to launch a band. Together with Arisa and other friends at the high school, Kasumi is working hard to have a live performance at a live music hall.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

It is the “Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line)” (photo) that often appears in the anime. It is the only remaining tram line in Tokyo, which runs from Minowabashi Station in Arakawa Ward to Waseda Station in Shinjuku Ward. Since along the line, there are famous historic places with an old atmosphere and spots full of the charm of Tokyo such as old-fashioned shopping streets, the line is perfect for sightseeing! In the anime, Waseda Station, Omokagebashi Station, Gakushuinshita Station, etc., are depicted.