Fleet Girls Collection ”KanColle”


Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Pref.

Fleet Girls Collection ”KanColle”

In this naval fleet-building simulation game, players step into the role of admiral, training and developing a formidable fleet comprised of kanmusu fleet girls — moe anthropomorphisms of real-life destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers, battleships, and other warships. The game’s servers are named after actual Japanese naval bases such as Mutsu in Aomori Prefecture, Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture, Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture, and Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture, locations that have become pilgrimage sites for fans of the title.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Situated in Tokyo Bay, the uninhabited Sarushima (Monkey Island) is accessible by regularly-scheduled ferry from the pier next to Mikasa Park. Since public access to the island was once prohibited, the natural environment there is very well-preserved. The rare historic structures (designated national historical site) on the island, such as a tunnel built during the early Meiji period in the Flemish Bond bricklaying method that is rarely seen in Japan, and a battery site, create a unique atmosphere among the lush natural scenery. As cultural heritage assets, Sarushima and its three companion former naval ports are of great cultural importance, and are acknowledged by their designation as a national heritage.


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Yokosuka Tourist Information
2-25 Wakamatsu-cho,Yokosuka-shi,Kanagawa pref.