Fleet Girls Collection ”KanColle”


Sasebo City, Nagasaki Pref.

Fleet Girls Collection ”KanColle”

In this naval fleet-building simulation game, players step into the role of admiral, training and developing a formidable fleet comprised of kanmusu fleet girls — moe anthropomorphisms of real-life destroyers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers, battleships, and other warships. The game’s servers are named after actual Japanese naval bases such as Mutsu in Aomori Prefecture, Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture, Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture, and Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture, locations that have become pilgrimage sites for fans of the title.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

The Kujuku-Shima (Ninety-Nine Islands), stretching from Sasebo to Hirado in Nagasaki Prefecture, consists of 208 islands both large and small, offering popular vistas of natural coastal scenery. The main observatories in the area are Ishidake Observatory (as pictured), Funakoshi Observatory, and Tenkaihou Observatory, to name a few, with the Ishidake Observatory being a shooting location for the movie, The Last Samurai, offering breathtaking views of the sunset. No discussion of Sasebo is complete without mentioning Japan’s largest theme park, Huis Ten Bosch. Inside, Dutch streetscapes are faithfully recreated, adorned year-round with beautiful flowers and filled with all kinds of performances and attractions. In the evening, one can even enjoy the wonderful scenery of decorative illumination. As for local food, there is the “Sasebo Burger”, where the burgers are handmade fresh to order. There is no set style to these burgers, so you can savor different kinds of specialty burgers at each shop.

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Kukkenn Hiroba
8-10,Shimokyou-machi,Sasebo-shi,Hiroshima Pref.