Goto-no-Kumo Nizo Yamamoto Museum


Goto City, Nagasaki Pref.

Goto-no-Kumo Nizo Yamamoto Museum

On display at this museum are works of Nizo Yamamoto, the art director of “Castle in the Sky”, “Grave of the Fireflies”,“Princess Mononoke”, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and other renowned works. The museum opened in July 2018 in Goto city, Nagasaki pref, the birthplace of Yamamoto.  A samurai  house named “Matsuzono-tei”, built in 1863, close to the end of Japan’s samurai age, has been remodeled into this museum. You can feel and learn the history and the culture of Goto Islands here. Inside, you see anime backgrounds painted by Yamamoto, landscape paintings made by the art director, who grew up in the grandeur of Goto’s nature, and many other exhibits. To fit nicely with the atmosphere of the samurai  house, the exhibits are framed on Japanesque folding
screens. Also, in the “Room of the Sky and Clouds,” you can watch short animations* seated on a sofa. (*The contents may vary.)

Address2-2-7,Bukeyashiki,Goto city,Nagasaki Pref.
Opening hours9:00~18:00
Closedon Mondays,New Year’s holidays(12/29~1/3)
Admission feeindividuals: adults 400yen / elementary, junior-high and high school students 200yen
group rate(over 5 people): adults 320yen / elementary, junior-high and high school students 160yen
*Especially students live in Goto City is 100yen.
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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Back in the Nara (8c) and Heian (late 8c to late 12c) periods, the islands of Goto flourished as the last destination port of ambassador ships to the Tang Dynasty. Its prosperity continued during the feudal years as a major trading port. Today, the city of Goto still has many historical remains from those years. Especially notable is Dozaki Catholic Church, which stands for the whole of Goto. After the Japanese government lifted its ban on Christianity in the 19th century, this was the first church built in Goto, a building of high historical value. Today, it is open to the general public, as a museum of items and literature related to the persecution of Christians.

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Goto-no-Kumo Nizo Yamamoto Museum
2-2-7,Bukeyashiki,Goto-shi,Nagasaki Pref.