Kyoto City, Kyoto


A romantic adventure game geared towards female gamers about the Shinsengumi, cleverly enhanced with fantasy elements of “oni” (devils) and vampires, from famous girls games publisher, Otomate. The plot begins in a snowy Kyoto, with Edo-born protagonist, Chizuru, looking for her missing father, a medical practitioner, and by chance becoming a member of the Shinsengumi. Thus, she starts a new life at the Shinsengumi headquarters at Yagitei and Kyu-Maekawatei.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

There are a number of places in Kyoto that are related to the Shinsengumi. Some of which include: Mibu-dera — the birthplace of the Shinsengumi, and their training site for bugei (martial arts) and artillery practice — and Koenji — where the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi, Sannan Keisuke, was buried together with other members; different kinds of souvenirs are available at these sites for Shinsengumi fans. For history buffs of the Bakumatsu, don’t miss the location of the assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma and Nakaoka Shintaro in Kawaramachi. A stone monument marks the location of the Omiya House where they were killed.