Kyotanabe City, Kyoto


This period anime is based on the childhood of Ikkyu Sojun, the Zen Buddhist monk who was also the prince of Emperor Gokomatsu in the Muromachi period. Separated from his mother, Sengikumaru begins his spiritual practice at Ankoku Temple, where he becomes a monk. He is then given the name of Ikkyu, and helps to solve all kinds of problems with his intelligence and wit. The anime was not only well-received by children and parents in Japan during the Showa era, it was also popular in China. The teru teru bozu talisman that comforts Ikkyu in place of his faraway mother, also steal the spotlight with its rich facial expressions.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

The City of Kyotanabe, Kyoto Prefecture, was founded in 1997, where the Zen Buddhist monk Ikkyu Sojun, the inspiration for the character Ikkyu San, settled late in life. Shuonan Ikkyuji Temple (as pictured) is the place where he was laid to rest. In addition to the historical hojyo building built in the 1600s, there are also enchanting gardens and a statue of the young Ikkyu in the temple. Along the 1.2km road that connects the nearest train station to the temple, part of it is named “Ikkyu Tonchi Road”, where 15 lampposts are installed with information boards in the style of Ikkyu karuta playing cards.

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Travel Information Desk of Shin-Tanabe Station
West Entrance of Shin-Tanabe Station on the Kintetsu Line.
2-3, Kawara syokuden, Kyotanabe City, Kyoto