Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Pref.


Kitakyushu Manga Museum is located in Kokura, the heart of northern Kyushu and home of many famous manga artists including Matsumoto Leiji, Watase Seizo, Hatanaka Jun, Mutsu Eiko, and Hojo Tsukasa. Upon entering the museum, you can take photos with a life-sized statue of Captain Harlock. The most popular sections include the exhibition of the life and achievements of Matsumoto Leiji and a library with a 70,000-book manga collection available for reading. And what’s more, there are also regular manga workshops for beginners and periodic special exhibitions about manga or anime.

Address2-14-5 Asano, Kokurakita District, Northern Kyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture (5/F & 6/F of Aruaru City)
Opening hours11:00 ~ 19:00
ClosedTuesdays (or the next day if Tuesday is a public holiday)
Admission feePermanent Exhibition
Adults 480 yen, Junior High or High School Students 240 yen, Elementary School Students 120 yen, Children Below Elementary Age – Free
*Required for special exhibitions
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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Aruaru City (as pictured), where the Kitakyushu Manga Museum is located, is a complex housing a collection of shops related to pop culture such as anime, manga, video games, cosplay studios, and concept cafes. There are also theater and studio for live performances by voice actors and idols; you will never get bored spending a whole day there. In the neighboring Kokura Station, you will find bronze statues of characters created by Matsumoto Leiji, such as Captain Harlock, Maetel, and Tetsuro, and a statue of the Conductor of Galaxy Express 999. Moreover, the train cars on the monorail are also adorned with illustrations from Galaxy Express 999. It is also a good idea to go for a stroll through the Mojiko Retro district, where you can shop and dine in its Taisho-period streets and enjoy the magnificent views of the Kanmon Straits that connect Kyushu and Honshu Islands.

Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plates & Memorial Stamp

5th & 6th floor,ARUARU City,2-14-5,Asano,Kita-ku,Ogura,Kitakyusyu,Fukuoka Pref.