Love Live! Superstar!!


Kouzushima Village, Tokyo

Love Live! Superstar!!

Kanon Shibuya joined the regular course as one of the first students to enter the private Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, a new school situated between the three areas of Omotesando, Harajuku and Aoyama. Originally she was trying to enter the music department, but she failed the exam. However, Kanon, who loves singing, decides to become a school idol, and grows up with four members aiming for the stage of “Love Live” as a school idol.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Kozushima Village, one of the remote islands of Tokyo, is situated about 180km south of Tokyo. Its abundant natural scenery, designated as Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, is very attractive, and there are walking paths on the island where you can enjoy nature. Akasaki Walking Path in the northern part of the island, which was the model site for a spot drawn in the work “Love Live! Superstar !!”, leads directly to a bathing area that makes the best use of a natural cove. There are many colorful fish, and it’s popular as a spot to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Also, near Kozushima Port, from the Haruka Observation Platform that appeared in the work, a white sandy foreshore coastline spreads out beneath you, with a view of the horizon extending far into the distance.