Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

There is an urban legend of a strange phenomenon known as the “puberty syndrome” over the Internet. The legend says the syndrome can affect boys and girls with psychological instability. Sakuta Azusagawa, an second year of high school, one day met a wild bunny girl at a library. She was disturbed by the syndrome. She was Mai Sakurajima, a third year of high school and an actress who was having days off her acting work. She was really gorgeous. Anyone passing by her turned back to take a look at her. And she was clad in a sexy costume. Yet she was invisible to people. Such are the enigmatic days of adolescent boys and girls.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Shonan is the coastal area in southern Kanagawa renowned for its beaches. One of the famous tourism spots there, Enoshima Aquarium, has a lot to do with this anime story. For instance, the aquarium appears in the anime’s cue visual. Inside the facility, the “Sagami Bay Pool” accommodates fish from the bay to let you see what is going on inside the bay, and the “Jellyfish Fantasy Hall” lets you relax with fantastic movements of jellyfishes. The aquarium also has many other displays that entertain everyone from kids to adults. In some events, you can befriend some marine creatures like marine turtles, and there are performance shows of dolphins as well. This is a must-see when you visit Enoshima Beach.