Sayonara, Football: Farewell, My Dear Cramer


Warabi City, Saitama Pref.

Sayonara, Football: Farewell, My Dear Cramer

A youth group drama on the theme of girl’s football, was a TV anime broadcast in 2021 based on a comic by Naoshi Arakawa, best known as the creator of “Your Lie in April”. And a movie version was also released as a prequel to the TV series. In this story, Nozomi Onda, who belonged to the boy’s football club at Fuji Daiichi Junior High School, joined the long-awaited girl’s football club when she entered Warabi Seinan High School. The girl’s football club of the school had always been a weak one for local tournaments, but in addition to Nozomi, new members full of individuality were gathering. As a bonus, a former Japanese national team legend joined as a coach. The members of Warabi Seinan High School Girl’s Soccer Club, with Nozomi and the others, grow up while aiming to become nationally famous.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Warabi City, which became the stage model for “Sayonara, Football: Farewell, My Dear Cramer”, is the most compact city in Japan with a population density of 75,000 in a super mini-city with a city area of 5.11 ㎢. When you get off at the west exit of Warabi Station, the banners of the characters of the anime work welcome you to the city. You can see scenes from the anime as they are everywhere, and you can enjoy walking around the locations. Warabi City, which flourished as a staging post on Nakasendo in the olden days and then prospered in the textile industry, is also known as the birthplace of the “Coming-of-Age Ceremony”. If you want to enjoy a richer Warabi experience, please contact the Warabi City Nigiwai Machizukuri Federation. They can also introduce spots recommended by locals.


Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plates & Memorial Stamp

Warabi City Gymnasium
1-27-15 Kitamachi, Warabi City, Saitama Pref.


※The memorial Stamp and the certificate plaque are relocated temporarily to Warabi Police Station from 15th July to 24th July.
Please refer to the official website of Warabi City.