Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Pref.


The frog-like aliens Keron send KERORO Platoon to conquer Earth (known to them as “Pekopon”). However, the five members of the platoon lose contact of each other before landing on Earth. Sergeant KERORO, the platoon leader, was easily caught by a young human girl called Hinata Natsumi and her younger brother Fuyuki while trying to hide in their home. Due to the retreat of the Keron army, KERORO was left behind and started living with the Hinata family. This is an extraordinary sci-fi comedy made up of the interactions between aliens and human beings.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Creator Yoshizaki Mine was born in Kyushu, so items from that region often appear in the anime. For example, Sergeant KERORO’s favorite food is a traditional sweet from Kumamoto Prefecture where a thick slice of sweet potato and red bean paste are wrapped in a rice flour skin and steamed — the “ikinari dango”. Kumamoto has many ikinari dango specialty stores, each with its own take on the sweet, and the proper way to eat it is to eat it while walking. No visit to Kumamoto is complete without going to Kumamoto Castle. Though it suffered extensive damage in the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, reconstruction is already well underway, with the main tenshu castle tower reviving to its former glory soon.

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Ninomaru-hiroba,Kumamoto Castle
2-1,Ninomaru,Chuo-ku,Kumamoto-shi,Kumamoto Pref.