Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Pref.


Hiyori is a young girl who enjoys fly-fishing, which her late father taught her, alone by the sea.
While fishing as usual, she meets an innocent girl named Koharu who suddenly tries to rush into the sea.
They decide to fish together, but in fact, they are both daughters of parents who remarried…?
Let’s go fishing, and take things easy with Hiyori and Koharu, who became “sisters” through a chance encounter.

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

Yokosuka City, situated on the Miura Peninsula, is an attractive city with a view of the sea stretching out before the eyes. Among these, Umikaze Park is one of the city’s best viewing spots, with Sarushima Island looming right in front of you and a panoramic view of ships sailing along the Uraga Channel. The park has a fully-fledged BMX park used for the Japan Cup Yokosuka BMX competition, a mountain bike course and a 3×3 basketball court, as well as other facilities for enjoying urban sports, and a lawn area for barbecues. The park also houses a permanent exhibition of No. 3 Sea Fort (a large military barracks), a precious civil engineering heritage site, where visitors can get to know the history of Yokosuka.


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Yokosuka Tourist Information
2-25 Wakamatsu-cho,Yokosuka-shi,Kanagawa pref.