Waiting in the Summer


Komoro City, Nagano Pref.

Waiting in the Summer

This is a love comedy of a miraculous romance of a summer, situated in Komoro, Nagano Prefecture. A first-year high school student, Kaito Kirishima, was watching a lake through a 8mm video camera’s lens, and saw the sky shining. At that very moment, Kaito was blown off by a gust and fell into the lake. Yet when he came back to himself, for some reasons unknown, he found himself in his own bed. On the same day, Ichika Takatsuki, a lovely red-haired girl, moved into his high school. Again for some reasons unknown, she had no home. So, Kaito agreed to let her stay with him. Kaito’s “everyday” was now facing some drastic changes. 

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Sightseeing Spot in This Area

This anime work depicts many places of Komoro, the stage for its story — common streets of the city, landscapes carrying some atmosphere of the good old days, and others. Komorojoshi Kaiko-en (Komoro Castle Remains) is especially see-worthy. Listed among the “100 Famous Castles of Japan,” Komoro Castle is one of those few built on a space lower than the surrounding town. Inside the garden, stone walls remain as they were some four centuries ago, and Sanno-mon (gate) is an important cultural property of Japan. The garden has many other must-sees as well.