“Animation Tourism Information”, Fudasho Spot 0 of Japan’s 88-Site Anime Pilgrimage, is now open at Narita Airport!

Narita International Airport is the entrance to Japan for visitors from abroad, and can also be called the starting point of an anime pilgrimage. Therefore, this place has been selected “Fudasho Spot 0” of the 88-Site Anime Pilgrimage, with an Anime Tourism Information spot created to provide visitors with all kinds of information on accessing each anime pilgrimage site.

The purpose of establishing this spot is to provide information to fans on their anime pilgrimages.

Located on the second floor, on the north end of the main building in Terminal 2. For those exiting into the Arrivals Lobby from Customs Inspection on the first floor, look to your right towards the floor above, and you will see the signage for “Anime Tourism 88”.

Here it appears on the second floor of Terminal 2. This is the view from the first floor of the Arrivals Lobby.
The Japanese character for “zero” on an English signage board, cool!

An overview of 88 anime pilgrimage sites and works on a large panel. Get detailed information via QR codes!

The most eye-catching feature of this spot is the large information panel showcasing works of anime and manga, as well as every anime pilgrimage site. The titles of the works showcased are listed alphabetically by their romaji names. The names of pilgrimage sites are also listed in English for ease of reference by anime fans from abroad.

The large anime pilgrimage map is put together with 110 smaller panels featuring different titles.

The works are numbered in order starting from Hokkaido, and further divided into seven colors based on geographic region. A quick scan of the QR code will take you to the respective work’s page on the anime tourism website.

Titles of works are listed by romaji, and sorted alphabetically. For those works with English names, they are shown on the panel as well.

The anime pilgrimage map combines a full map of Japan with detailed views of the regions of Kanto, Kansai, and Tokyo’s 23 wards. Fans from abroad can conveniently see which pilgrimage sites are near their destinations and plan their visits.

The anime pilgrimage map is at the center of the large information panel, and is very helpful in finding pilgrimage sites near your destination.

Get excited for your anime tour with exhibitions, character figurines, and photo spots.

Opposite the information panel is a series of showcases featuring goods related to anime. Some of these goods are hard to find abroad, so they will most likely attract the attention of visitors from other countries.

Featuring figurines, stuffed dolls, and various goods from popular anime works.

Though the goods on display are not available for purchase on site, a quick scan of the QR code to the side of the showcases will take you to an anime goods shopping website. This online shopping platform offers overseas shipping, so visitors from abroad can still purchase their favorite goods from the comfort of their home.

Next to the goods showcases is an “Anime Tourism Gallery” zone, featuring periodic exhibitions.

Character figurines from Love Live!, an anime about a girls school idol group.
Goods related to the figure-skating anime Yuri!!! on ICE.

Offering new ways to enjoy anime tourism

As the launch project, the spot is currently hosting a “Photographs of Anime Pilgrimage Sites with Figures” exhibit. This exhibit features figurines being photographed at their respective anime’s pilgrimage site, located in areas that are easily accessible from Narita International Airport, such as Tokyo (Love Live!), Chiba Prefecture (Oreimo), Saitama Prefecture (Encouragement of Climb), and Kanagawa Prefecture (HIGH SCHOOL FLEET).

To anime fans, taking photos at a real life location at angles that match their favorite anime scenes is at the top of their to-do list, and we want to suggest more ways to allow everyone to have fun. The exhibit will change approximately every four months.

Taking photos of figurines, using locales that appeared in the scenes of anime.
Locations of places where photos were taken are marked on the map, including English instructions on how to get there.

With certified “Anime Pilgrimage” site plaque, official shuin stamp, and more, there is plenty more to enjoy!

Further inside the spot, you will find the plaque certifying the “Anime Pilgrimage” site, and a stamp station to collect your official shuin stamp. The plaques and shuin stamps are being installed at various pilgrimage sites across the country, but the number “0” plaque is perhaps particularly special, so make sure to take a commemorative photo here. In addition, the official shuincho stamp book that was first sold in limited quantities at AnimeJapan 2018 in March will be available for purchase starting in late May.

Of all the certified plaques, the especially valuable “Fudasho Spot 0” plaque.
The shuin stamp station is installed below the certified plaque.
This unique shuin stamp depicts the exterior of Narita Airport.

Here you can take photos with life-size cutouts of anime characters, buy collectibles at the Gacha vending machines, and more. Pamphlets on the anime pilgrimage sites are also available for free in Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese).

A photo-taking spot with characters from Sword Art Online.
Many tourists from abroad spend the leftover spare change from their trip to Japan on these Gacha vending machines.
Pamphlets published by the Anime Tourism Association in Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese). You can find a map inside detailing all 88 sites of the anime pilgrimage.

Narita International Airport is the start of many journeys, but it is also a large shopping destination. Even those who are not traveling come check the shops out. If you get the chance to visit Narita International Airport, please come by!

■Narita International Airport Anime Tourism Information
Address: 1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba
Location: North end of 2nd Floor, Terminal 2 Main Building (before outbound passport control)


Anime Tourism Information